Postoperative reeducation

After an orthopedic surgery, there is always a functional reeducation to achieve by the patient.

Depending on the clinic case, the reeducation can be achieved :

  • at home in "autoreeducation",
  • or with the help of a physiotherapist.
  • in a recovery and reeducation center of the choice of the patient. In this case, the admission will be organized by the secretariat after the preoperative surgeon consultation ; confirmation of admission will be given during the hospitalization.

The postoperative functional reeducation will enable recover mobilities and strength - and getting back to previous activities.

work stoppage/ recovery

after hip arthroplasty
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On site medicalized postoperative reeducation

Our Institute maintains privileged relations with the recovery and reeducation center I.PO.CA. (on site). The weekly visit provided par the surgeons garanties the follow-up of the cares and the good postoperative evolution.