Your stay in hospital

Orthopedic and spine surgery necessit an hospitalization. The length of the stay in hospital is discussed with the surgeon, during the preoperative consultation ; it rarely exceeds a week, depending on the clinical case. This period is necessary to start the reeducation ; verify the good postoperative evolution and ensure that there is no complication.
Visitors are welcome from 12.00 to 20.00. Visits can sometimes be limited for médical reasons (on information).
Anonymity can be arranged for the patient who does not want to receive any visit.

Check in

Check in at the BUREAU DES ADMISSIONS - floor «A» Building D -

    •    for an ambulatory hospitalization : you are expected on an empty stomach the day of the surgery (at a specified time)

    •    for a few days hospitalization : you are expected the day before the surgery, in between 16:00 and 18:00.

You are required to remove all jewelry, all make up and care creams including nail varnish on feet, prior to admission (more Hygiene Instructions next by --->).
You should provide a list of all medication but refrain from bringing pharmaceuticals to the hospital, unless otherwise ordered by the anesthetist or the surgeon during your preoperative consultation(s).
You will be required to produce proof of your identity (Passport, ID card).
Unless the total amount of the invoice has already been settled prior to your admission, you will be obliged to leave a deposit representing the full payment. This deposit will be returned on receipt of the total payment (by you or the NHS).

Your hospitalization

Polyclinic Cannes Oxford
Please bring in minimum personal effects : wash case, towels and night wear.
Do not bring any valuables to the hospital, we refrain from any responsibility in case of loss or theft and have no facilities for safe keeping.

Check out

Unless the total amount of the invoice has already been settled, prior to your admission, any additional cost incurred during your stay should be settled prior to departure (and may be paid in cash, by cheque or with Visa/Master card).

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Postoperative medical care

Medical local care (on site)

Daily nursing is provided ; and the functional reeducation initiated in hospital with the physiotherapist. Advices are provided before outlet, to facilitate the return at "home" or in the recovery and reeducation center of your choice (postoperative reeducation).

Poursuit of nursing beyond hospitalization

The poursuit of nursing beyond the hospitalization period can be prescribed by the surgeon when the patient is leaving, in function of the clinic case.

Postoperative clinical and radiological follow-up

Clinical follow-up is systematic : a postoperative meeting is fixed by the surgeon at patients' departure from Hospital. Radiological follow-up will be agreed (or not) in between the surgeon and his patient.

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Bienvenue dans notre établissement (in french)

Your stay in hospital (in french).

Page de garde du livret d'accueil du patient

Hygiene instructions

Specific recommendations (translated)
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Patient préparation to
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On site medicalized postoperative reeducation

Our Institute maintains privileged relations with the recovery and reeducation center I.PO.CA. (on site). The weekly visit provided par the surgeons garanties the follow-up of the cares and the good postoperative evolution.